Ratification of our Post-Settlement Governance Entity (PSGE)

He Mihi from the Chairman, Leith Comer


We have come a long way since our settlement negotiations with the Crown began four years ago. Our negotiators and trustees are working hard to bring you a deed of settlement to vote on in early 2020. This will be a momentous occasion in our settlement journey. We realise that no settlement will ever compensate Ngāti Rangitihi for all the mamae and wrongs done to our iwi. However, we believe that our Agreement in Principle and the negotiations that are continuing towards a deed of settlement, will result in a positive way forward for our people.

Now, we are asking for your vote on three (3) resolutions to support this process.

We are at the stage where we need to ratify (approve) a Post-Settlement Governance Entity (PSGE) for Ngāti Rangitihi. The PSGE will be a new Trust that will receive and manage the historical Treaty settlement redress on behalf of our iwi.

The first resolution that you are asked to vote on (resolution 1), is to approve a new Te Mana PSGE. This is an important step. We need to set up a new Trust with a new Trust Deed, to be our PSGE. This will meet the Crown’s requirements and ensure that our settlement is protected for Ngāti Rangitihi uri.

We are proposing to keep the name Te Mana o Ngāti Rangitihi Trust for the new PSGE. Our name is recognised strongly within Te Arawa. It is upheld by our iwi and neighbouring iwi and is a statement of our ihi, our wehi and our mana as Ngāti Rangitihi.

If enough Ngāti Rangitihi members vote in support, a Special General Meeting will be held later in the year. We will ask all registered members at that meeting to agree to transfer existing Te Mana assets to the new Te Mana PSGE. The existing Te Mana o Ngāti Rangitihi Trust will then be officially replaced by the new Te Mana PSGE.

The new Te Mana PSGE will also need to continue the settlement negotiations mahi on behalf of Ngāti Rangitihi. As part of the current voting process, you are being asked to approve this happening (resolution 2).

The last part you are being asked to vote on, is to appoint the current Te Mana trustees as the initial trustees for the new PSGE Trust (resolution 3).

We believe it makes sense to keep the same trustees at this time, as it keeps things consistent and puts us in the best position to achieve a deed of settlement for you to vote on in the next 12 months. Our current trustees have detailed knowledge of the settlement and will ensure our future economic, social, and cultural development interests are included in the proposed settlement for Ngāti Rangitihi.

I strongly encourage you to vote ‘YES’ to all three resolutions set out in this Information Booklet.

We are at a crucial part of our settlement journey and we are close to reaching a deed of settlement for your final vote, so let’s keep moving forward. Voting now on our new PSGE and initial trustees is your opportunity to get involved and have your say. This settlement process is for your whānau, and for your mokopuna and their mokopuna to come. Let’s all work together for a positive future for ngā uri o Ngāti Rangiti.

Mauri ora!


What are you being asked to vote on?


For our settlement journey to keep moving forward and as part of this upcoming ratification, we need your support and your vote on three resolutions

Resolution 1:
I, as a member of Ngāti Rangitihi, agree that the proposed new Te Mana o Ngāti Rangitihi Trust will be the Post- Settlement Governance Entity to receive and manage all of the historical Treaty of Waitangi settlement redress on behalf of Ngāti Rangitihi.

Resolution 2: 
I, as a member of Ngāti Rangitihi, authorise the transfer of the mandate to negotiate the settlement of the Ngāti Rangitihi historical Treaty of Waitangi claims from the existing Te Mana o Ngāti Rangitihi Trust to the new Te Mana o Ngāti Rangitihi Trust.

Resolution 3: 
I, as a member of Ngāti Rangitihi, agree that the initial trustees of the new Te Mana o Ngāti Rangitihi Trust will be the current trustees of the existing Te Mana o Ngāti Rangitihi Trust.

We strongly recommend you vote ‘YES’ to all three resolutions.


Are you registered?


You need to be registered to vote. There is still time to register, click here to register. If your details have changed, let us know by calling the Te Mana office on 07 322 2452 or email info@ngatirangitihi.iwi.nz


Why do we need a new PSGE?

While the current Te Mana o Ngāti Rangitihi Trust is already set up as a Post-Settlement Governance Entity, this PSGE was set up in 2009 for the purposes of the Central North Island Forests Settlement – to receive Ngāti Rangitihi’s CNI redress. Since then, the Crown has developed a new template trust deed for individual iwi settlements. As part of the settlement process set out by the Crown, all iwi must have a PSGE that is fit for purpose to receive the Ngāti Rangitihi Settlement Redress. So, a new Te Mana o Ngāti Rangitihi PSGE (new Te Mana) and Trust Deed must be established that meets the Crown’s policy requirements, and for Ngāti Rangitihi to receive its Settlement Redress once the Settlement is enacted. This is a normal part of the settlement process.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us info@ngatirangitihi.iwi.nz.

Voting period

• Voting opens – 9am, Saturday 8 June 2019
• Voting closes – 5pm, Monday 8 July 2019
• Voting will take place online, by post, or by Ballot Box at the Information Hui.

Information Booklet

You can read more about the PSGE ratification and the three resolutions you are being asked to vote on in your Information Booklet. Click here to access the Information Booklet.

Information Hui

Saturday 8 June 2019, 4pm – 6pm
Trust Waikato, 4 Little London Lane

Sunday 16 June 2019, 3pm – 5pm
Novotel Lake End, Tutanakei St

Tuesday 18 June 2019, 6pm – 8pm
Travelodge, 2 – 6 Gilmer Terrace

Wednesday 19 June 2019, 6pm – 8pm
Airport Gateway Motor Lodge (Pohutakawa Room), 45 Roydvale Ave

Thursday 20 June 2019, 6pm – 8pm
Mount Richmond Hotel (Brighton Room), 676 Mount Wellington Hwy

SIXTH HUI – MATATĀ (to be livestreamed to Facebook as well)
Sunday 23 June 2019, 1pm – 3pm, Rangitihi Marae

Proposed new Te Mana PSGE Trust Deed

Click here to view the proposed new Te Mana PSGE Trust Deed.