Resources available for our iwi 

Negotiation resources
A vital part of our settlement negotiations with the Crown has been extensive research into who we are as a tribe, where we have come from, and the history of our people.

We have been documenting this research into a collection of 

resources for our Negotiators, in order to back our claims and educate our negotiations. 

This is becoming quite an extensive bank of resources that will prove valuable for our iwi for many years to come.

Among the resources, we have a comprehensive report into our population, undertaken by statistician Len Cook, an extensive documentation of our story as an iwi, and aerial footage and videos documenting our story and our vision.

Population report
At the last census in 2013, the population of Ngāti Rangitihi was estimated at 2298, which was a lot less than what we understood to be the reality. In order to negotiate the best Settlement for our people with the Crown, we needed a more accurate idea of our population.

Wellington statistician Len Cook was engaged to research and report back on the whakapapa links to Ngāti Rangitihi and provide an updated population estimate, which he put at 9345.

In his report, Len said “The statistical analysis shows the strength of kinship ties between Ngāti Rangitihi and neighbouring iwi and hapu that reflects the Ngāti Rangitihi story of being a people scattered by circumstances”. 

Ngāti Rangithi story
It has taken a dedicated team to pull together three of the four chapters of our iwi story. The story begins with Rangitihi the man as the eponymous ancestor of the Iwi that became known as Te Arawa, and his eight children who became known as the eight beating hearts of Rangitihi. When complete, it will track our history as an iwi up until the present day, outlining the cultural and environmental impacts our history has had on us as a tribe.

Aerial footage and videos
Helicopter footage edited into three separate videos has proved a valuable resource for our negotiations. We were able to present the overarching video to Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Christopher Finlayson.

This talks about our Ngāti Rangitihi story, our rohe, our population report, and our vision for a Tarawera Great Walk, so will prove to be a valuable resource going forward in our negotiations as well as an interesting and educational resource for our iwi.

These resources will soon be available online to all registered members of our iwi. We will keep you updated through our newsletters, on our facebook page and on our website about when and how you can access these.